1) What are the system requirements for this program?
We developed this program on an XP machine and tested with succes on MS Windows 98, MS Windows 2000 and MS Windows XP. Furthermore you need approx. 1.5 MB free space on your Hard Drive, a mouse and your screen resolution should be at least 800x600. A sound card is naturally required!
2) Does the software run on a Macintosh?
The software only works on PC's with Microsoft Windows on it. Unfortunately for other people, we are not planning to develop any versions for other Operating Systems.
3) How does the program work?
After you select what notes, intervals or chords you want to practise, just press the 'start' button. All three programs speak for itselves. If you want to hear a certain note, interval or chords again, just press the 'repeat' button, etc. Intervals and Chords can be generated melodically (going up or down) and harmonically. Chords can also be played in their inversions.

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