Welcom to our support page. On this page we offer support and useful tips and tricks to use our programs even better! Click the appropiate link to find out more...
Name It - Notes, Intervals & Chords
--> PRICE USD $10 <--
Play It - Notes, Intervals & Chords
--> PRICE USD $15 <--
Play It - Scales
--> PRICE USD $10 <--
Play It - Chord Progressions
--> PRICE USD $15 <--
Hear It - Notes, Intervals & Chords
--> PRICE USD $10 <--
Chord Practice Buddy
--> PRICE USD $12 <--
Do you have a refund policy?
Yes we do! Try our products consequently for 1 month (starting from the day the license key was sent to you), if after that you are not satisfied with your progress or our software, we will refund your money. So, by purchasing our software the only risk there is, is the risk of improving! That doesn't sound too bad now does it? We do have one condition though: if you want a refund, please tell us what you didn't like about the software, so we can make improvements in future versions!

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