I have been looking for a piano software that will help me play the piano by ear, but all I found were piano software programs geared towards traditional sight reading. After an extensive search, I was lucky enough to finally find Chord Practice Buddy. Chord Practice Buddy is the first piano software program of its kind. I found it to be an indispensable tool to achieve my goals in playing the piano by ear. Chord Practice Buddy is a teaching, training/drills/practice piano chords program and a game all rolled into one. With this program, you will learn everything from the basic major and minor chords to more complex chords. You will learn different chord symbols found in lead sheets/fake books and even regular sheet music with chords. If you are unfamiliar with a particular chord symbol, just click on the "help" button and the Chord Practice Buddy will display which notes to play. The program allows you to customize your practice sessions according to the type of chord (major/minor, augmented/diminished, suspended, 6ths, 7ths, half/fully diminished chords etc.) and to whether you want to practice the chords in root, 1st, 2nd, 3rd or all inversions. You will be trained to play all types of chords as fast as possible, like a "knee-jerk" reflex. It even tracks your progress by keeping score, which gives you more motivation to practice. For me, the greatest motivation, however, is that after only a few practices with the Chord Practice Buddy, I find that I could play almost instantaneously any tune I like in fake books or other sheet music with chords. And the more I use the program, the easier it is for me to play smoothly and I'm amazed at how much better my piano playing sounds. Chord Practice Buddy is a fun and very effective way to learn chords. I strongly recommend Chord Practice Buddy to any one who is interested in learning chord piano, play piano by ear, those who want to play their favorite tunes from lead sheets, sheet music with chords and fake books but are intimidated by all those chord symbols, or simply for anyone who wants to significantly improve their piano playing and sound great.

Raul Del Rosario, M.D.
My name is Andreea Brown and I am part of Software Evaluation Team from Soft32Download.com. Our team started few years ago an ambitious project for testing softs.

I am sending you this email because your software product named Chord Practise Buddy has been tested on 18 Oct 2008 and has been found by our team a high quality software product. Also, we were impressed by the cleanliness of your program. According to our classification and to our test results, we decided to grant your product, Chord Practise Buddy , with a 5/5 Stars Rating and "5 stars award award". This award means that your product is a Premium Software.


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