I've been using the Play It - Chords almost everyday now. I would choose the most common key signatures like C, F, G, D, Eb and select all chords with those keys. I usually do not move on to the next key signature until I reached the target of 150. After practicing, I feel like I can almost breeze through the chords in sheet music, which keeps me motivated to practice with Play it - Chords some more.

Jared Weston
I feel so much more confident in attending my upcoming entry audition, for a degree in Contemporary Music, here in Toronto, Canada. I attended the audition last year and failed.
One of the things the instructor said to me was that there were computers programs out there to help me prepare for the audition. After spending countless hours searching for a simple sight-reading program, I came across many that were overly priced and simply not beneficial enough to read real sheet-music. I eventually came across keypiano.com, and saw the very reasonably priced products and the videos on youtube.com, and felt very confident about purchasing the PLAY-IT program.
I hooked it up to my digital piano, and lets just say within a matter of days of practicing with the software, I was reading real sheet-music much faster.
The guys at keypiano.com even respond to your emails and comments, and usually in less than 4-8 hours or so in my personal experience, not 24 hours or days or weeks. It doesn't matter what time of the day or night I send them an email, they're always amazingly quick in responding. The customer service has been pleasant, and more than satisfactory.

Go check out their videos on youtube.com, try their demo products and you'll see what I mean. The only regret I have is not finding keypiano.com sooner. As a last note, I don't work for keypiano.com, but felt compelled to take the time to write this review because of the time they've saved in sight-reading music.

Markus Kirton
My name is Andreea Brown and I am part of Software Evaluation Team from Soft32Download.com. Our team started few years ago an ambitious project for testing softs.

I am sending you this email because your software product named Play it - Notes, Intervals and Chords has been tested on 19 Jun 2008 and has been found by our team a high quality software product. Also, we were impressed by the cleanliness of your program. According to our classification and to our test results, we decided to grant your product, Play it - Notes, Intervals and Chords , with a 5/5 Stars Rating and "5 stars award award". This award means that your product is a Premium Software.


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