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In this series we have developed three programs that should help you improve your musical ear.
The programs all work with a time clock and a score. We state however that you should NOT consciously try to improve your last score. Developing your ear comes best when you relax. Just relax and results will improve!
This software is especially good for figuring out melodies and chord progressions.
1) Hear It - Chords - This program will play chords from basic chords to extended 7th chords. You will have the option to play them harmonically or melodically, either in root position or in their inversions. We have chosen not to go beyond 7th chords, because the human ear in general is not capable of distuingishing more than 4 notes played together. Only being able to distinguish between minor and major is already a big help, since most songs can be harmonized with only minor and major chords. The extended notes of the chords just add more flavor to it. [BROKEN]
[BROKEN] 2) Hear It - Intervals - This program will play intervals from a minor second to the octave. We have chosen not to add the prime interval, because in our opinion the prime is not an interval. An interval always should have a certain distance between the 2 notes and a prime doesn't have any distance, it's just the same note. This program also presents you with the option of playing the intervals harmonically or melodically. If you can recognize an interval when it is played, you will be able to figure out melodies of songs easily, no matter what key the song is in.
3) Hear it - Notes - This program will play notes randomly and you will have to indicate on the keyboard (on screen) which note is being played. You would have to name the note without any other reference note. Being able to name a note without any reference is called Absolute Pitch (AP) or Perfect Pitch (PP), so with this program you'll practice your AP/PP. There are a lot of different opinions out there about whether or not it is possible to achieve AP/PP through practice. We don't want to make any claims about it and therefore this program should only be seen as a bonus to the other two.

When using this program however, we do advise you to repeat the same note often, but in a different octave. Don't listen to the height of the pitch, but to the qualities. What makes a C a C? If you listen to middle C and then to a C one octave higher, I'm certain you'll recognise that same C! So, ask yourself "Why is that?"
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