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Play It - Chord Progressions

A chord progression is a series of musical chords and underneath all music lies a series of chord progressions. These chord progressions is what makes music recognizable and nice to hear. Although hundreds of different chord progressions are possible, most tend to follow a predictable pattern. Although most people won't recognise the exact progression, they d? often feel where the song is going. In a major key, the goal of any chord progression is the I chord. The rest of the progression is based around the strongest way to get to this chord. When the song reaches the I chord, it feels like 'coming home'.

How it works
In Play It - Chord Progressions you can select several common progressions and 12 different keys to play them in. In the right hand you will play the chord and in the left you will play either the root of the chord or the interval that is part of that particular chord.

The progression will start to appear on the right side of the musicall staff and will move to the left. The better you are at playing the progressions, the faster the progression will move. This will keep you highly concentrated and motivated to maintain the current speed.

Chords that are generated on the I,IV and V chord can either be Major, Major Sixth, Seventh or Major Seventh.
Chords that are generated on the II,III and VI chord can either be Minor, Minor Sixth, Minor Seventh or Minor Major Seventh.
These chords will be randomly chosen, so you'll never know exactly what is coming. This will also help to maintain your concentration.

Our software will give you feedback on what you are playing. A red dot above the note, interval or chord will tell you you have made a mistake. When a note lights up green, it means you have played that note correctly. The hand will tell you what note, interval or chord you will have to play on the clef.


The info button will show you some standard information about usage, version number of the software, etc.

The program maintains statistics of each note, interval and chord that you play and in which key you are playing them. You will be able to see what areas you need to improve.

The support button will take you to program's support section on the keypiano website.

Change Skin
If you don't like to appearance of the program, you can change the skin simply be clicking the 'change skin' button. There are several skins available and hopefully at least one that can have your approval.

--> PRICE USD $10 <--
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