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Play It - Scales

Practising scales, a tedious task, if you ask most students. Nevertheless, it is indispensable for finding your way around a particular key,especially if that key has black keys in it.

Our software will keep track of your score and best time, so hopefully they will challenge you enough to improve these scores each time you practice. Practising scales should be fun!

How it works
In Play It - Scales you can select a scale in 12 major keys and 12 minor keys. You can choose to play those scales in the treble clef (right hand), bass clef (left hand) or both (both hands together). Also you can choose to play a 2-octave-scale instead of 1. This functionality is added, because it slightly changes the fingering, which is also good practice.

N.B. The software doesn't offer which fingering to use for which scale. This information is abundantly available on the internet and we suggest you'd do a search on it, before using our software.
Currently the only minor scale we offer is the Natural Minor scale. At this point our software isn't capable of generating scales that are different going down compared to going up (as it happens in the melodic and harmonic minor scale). We might add them in the future though.

Our software will give you feedback on what you are playing. A red dot above the note, interval or chord will tell you you have made a mistake. When a note lights up green, it means you have played that note correctly. The hand will tell you what note, interval or chord you will have to play on the clef.


The info button will show you some standard information about usage, version number of the software, etc.

The program maintains statistics of each note, interval and chord that you play and in which key you are playing them. You will be able to see what areas you need to improve.

The support button will take you to program's support section on the keypiano website.

Change Skin
If you don't like to appearance of the program, you can change the skin simply be clicking the 'change skin' button. There are several skins available and hopefully at least one that can have your approval.

--> PRICE USD $5 <--
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